homesick and other things...

    I know I don't write much and you probably won't expect this from me but I've just been very busy lately with school and art and trying to get everything in place. I have had no time to blog which makes me a bit stress. I can't wait for the holiday which is coming in about two weeks. I hope everything is ok.

    I've been reading a lot about John Galliano and hmm... any thoughts... I'm sure there will be no reply but I'm just interested.

    I am currently obsessed with Inez and Vinoodh, one of the best duo photographers out there, incredible work, check them out here if you haven't seen their work before. Why are duo photographers so great? look at Mert and Marcus, I mean I've never been so excited about a single photograph.

    I have been obsessed with books, photo books, so I've been hunting some limited ones from eBay and bought some none limited one that I like. I will show them soon. I bought Patrick McMullan's Men's Show, Uomini by Dolce and Gabbana (by Mariano Vivanco) and Chasing Beauty by Richard Phibbs(one of the best sport photographer out there, incredible). I've been looking at lots of forms because it is linked to my art project at the moment.Source URL:
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