kiddy stuff #2

    1 | Prada Sandwich Brogues in TABACCO
    2 | Marni suede aviator hat
    3 | Marni 3/4 sleeve knit
    4 | Marni lambskin backpack in navy

    New things I bought recently from Paris and Marni. These shoes as you may know, I've been wanting. I also finally got this backpack that I have blogged about here and you can buy it online too, here and here. It is not too big or too small, it is perfect for me. The lambskin make the bag super light and super soft, probably one of the best purchase lately, and I won't be buying another backpack for a while... I got mine from Paris and is so happy that I did!

    The brogues seems to be okay at the moment, I walked in them from Knightsbridge to Kensington yesterday in these and they seem fine. I wear size 9 but ordered these in 8.5, knowing that they will be a little bigger. They are hard like most brogues are but comfortable to walk in. I am scared the foam is going to peel off though! Which is very bad for a very expensive pair of shoe. So hopefully it wont! If they do I'm sure Prada has a repair service.Source URL:
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New Haven Maths Club | Gant Rugger Pre-fall


food porno

    Again, I am talking about La Maison de la Truffe, which I will always love. The fact that I can only go there when I am in Paris makes it even better.

    I am completely obsessed with fish at the moment especially cod and salmon, I somehow feel like it is really good for me. I had the Cod with seasonal truffle (3rd photo) and the norwegian smoked salmon (1st photo). I was so happy and being at school for so long, I haven't had anything as good as this for a long time. I am actually thinking of becoming a pescetarian! I love chicken too much and I don't think I can ever give that up.

    Food is so important especially at a time like this when I am constantly hungry and tired. These photos will only be a reminder of what I had and how happy I was at the time, so happy that I wanted to share this with you.Source URL:
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funny shoes

    I saw this man's shoes and thought they were interesting. We have been seeing these sandals everywhere and I mean like scuba diving shoes. This makes me a little sad since I really want to go scuba diving but can't because I am right in the middle of my exams. I envy those who has done their exams...

    It wasn't the shoes that were particularly inspiring to me but it was the attitude that he had. But again this was in Paris, he was smoking and he had tattoos so I don't think you can really go wrong. He was genuine and wasn't trying to be something else that he wasn't. And again I only really photograph people I find interesting which is bad, because I really should be photographing everything. Practice makes perfect like some people like to say
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passing by

it falls and falls

only a reflection

Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2011

    I think I just died. I love everything here, I can't stop looking at them and maybe I am crazy but I would wear everything here especially those oversized parka/duffle/coat, love child of the three. For now just watch and see and later on we shall dissect the outfit individually. The message on the invitation reads "Rise of the craftsman and fall of the prince". Hmmm...indeed

    Seasons after seasons, I just cannot seem to get over Jil Sander or Raf Simons, no matter how Uniqlo or United Color of Benetton it looks. Maybe it is an obsession and I may need help because I won't have enough fund to finance these.

    Footnote: Sorry for posting so many videos lately, it is not that I am lazy but I just have been so visual these days, you know?Source URL:
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Coral Conservation

    We should this so our children and grand children can still enjoy the ocean. Scuba diving is one of the best thing in the world, and it is probably what I enjoy doing most, next to art and photos.
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hiding things away

Puppy Love Is Hear to Stay | Symposium on Popular Songs | Disney

inspiration: Cecily Brown