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    After being deprived of shopping for almost a month, once I got off the plane early in the morning I was more than excited to go shopping. I've been snooping around the Acne website looking for a biker jacket and this one seems to be the right one for me. So as desperate as I was I called the store and they said they were out of size 46, so I was going to order them online. I arrived in London yesterday (3rd of Jan) and most of the stores were close including Dover Street Market (which is next to Acne.) I called them and they were open!

    As I arrived at the store, a huge shiny sign entitled "SALE" was plastered across the window display, I was so happy but of course this jacket wasn't on sale but they had several other ones like the aviators, the cotton jacket, loads of  shoes (which I almost bought), some very cool jeans (almost bought these too.) All items were 40% off.

    They had the jacket in my size as the guy who helped me told me that the order just came in recently! They had the exact same jacket in blue and in red as well, the navy was also very pretty but black is more classic and practical to me.

    My purchase was very satisfying, I love biker jackets, love the asymmetric shape. I've been wanting one for a while but never really committed to looking for one and surprisingly, this one is the only one I seem to like. I've been to Beyond Retro several times to see if they had any in but I've never found one that I want. But now I am happy and it will be another closet staple for me.

    I hoped every had a good holiday! I certainly did, it was very busy but at the same time, I've got alot of things done. When I go back to school, I will have some exams and I am certainly not looking forward to those!

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