Oh Mrs. Prada, you did it again!

    Arguably, one of the most anticipated show in Milan and rightly so. Again Mrs Prada delivered a spectacular show of a cross between a cartoon cowboy and a southern golfer from the 70's. There were shoes that were brilliant, they were frilly, colourful shoes with rounded blue spikes. The dominating component here ware probably the prints; very colourful one of flower power and golf-y things matched with cute hats. And also those embellished shirts and clutch with colourful gemstones(the kind you get on a medieval toy sword). Some how they are very fun and new, perfect for editorials. So I am sure we will see them everywhere next summer.

    It is exciting to see something new and fresh every season and Mrs. Prada is really that force. Apparently she said, "I hate golf" after the show backstage.
    Photos by Sonny VandeveldeSource URL: http://naturalbellescloset.blogspot.com/2011/06/oh-mrs-prada-you-did-it-again.html
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