New York in July

    New York was so so fun. Once again I got to visit one of my favourite city (minus all that annoying security and queueing at the JFK). It was great as always but so so hot, I mean in London it was a completely different, with all the rain and the occasional breeze, in New York it was very dry and very hot. Kind of remind me of Bangkok actually.
    I know that going in July was going to be different because the last time I was in New York was in February and the new S/S stuff would have just arrived, this time around there were little bits and pieces left from the sales and most of the good stuff has gone. So my main goal was to just eat, visit all my favorite restaurants, go to Soho and have a rest.
    I ended up eating at all my favourite places; Quality Meats, Balthazar, and Marea. I also got to buy a bunch of really good jeans from Rag and Bone.
    Ps: I am obsessed with MGMT again at the moment, I can't stop listening to them.
    Notice the word "French tickler" on the bottom left corner.
    Knitted bike cover outside Acne + they have incredible sales, lots and lots of jeans in my size. So... kudos to them!
    I was mostly in Soho so these amazing shadows from the fire exit stairs and the graffiti were all I was attracted to.
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