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    Hunting for coats for fall on one of the hottest day here in the UK is odd but ... I need a coat for the next 10-20 seasons to come. Something comfortable, light but warm, textured, slightly oversized (so I can layer stuff underneath it), light grey or beige not black(i really dislike black and i can't really explain why, ask Anna). I look at many collection and have concluded that I like the texture at Lanvin, the bright colours at Raf and the cut from Dries. It is such a big dilemma when you are trying to find the "perfect" coat that you want to treasure and wear for a very long time because 1) they cost like 1500 pounds and up 2) there are so many types of cut that suits you but for different occasions 3)You want something interesting, not too much that it will dated the next season but also something that is not boring(another charcoal grey coat double button, two pockets...I'm already yawning).
    I started my hunt by looking at Lanvin which I remember that I liked the first look(the photo below) which is a grey knee-lenght coat with wide lapel in tweed textured fabric. This coat would have been good, the colour was perfect but it won't be in store until august and it costs about 3000 pounds. I went to Lanvin and they do have one coat in which was a very simple charcoaly black coat like the one in the first picture but the pocket has a horizontal zip. It fits very well, very slim, streamline but very normal. Not something I will treasure or want to wear again and again.
    So I went to Dover Street Market and stumbled upon Celine Women RTW, there were two coats, one in navy and one in taupe with a dark velvet collar. They were both wool. They were very light, masculine(based on a man's coat). The guy(Ben Freeman) who works there told me that they were from the pre fall collection. They were perfect actually, I especially like the taupe one, it has a zipper instead of buttons and it fits so well. The navy is a classic with no button. What I like was that the shape were very interesting and quite roomy. The lines and the shape of the jacket was very precise in contrast with the Lanvin coat that I've tried on earlier. I couldn't find any pictures but the shape of the coats were exactly like the one in orange in the picture below. Here it looks very feminine but It actually looks very good on. I still feel odd about investing 2600 pounds on a women's coat tho.
    I am also waiting for the stuff from Dries Van Noten, so far it looks very good, but again I have to try them on before making a decision. I like the boxy shape of these coats. And the fur collar if worn right can look very good.
    Shopping can be so difficult mentally. If you have any suggestion for a good investment coat, do tell me.
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