Fiery Engines and pleated skirts at Prada

    The way men objectify women could be the same as how men see sport cars; sexy and untouchable. This was the idea that circles the Prada show. 
    I thought that the show was very focused with lots of pastels and prints. There were fiery engined cars, like Cadillac from the 50's in pale pinks and mints. The skirts were pleated and feminine, worn with sheer blouses and large statement jewellery.
    The attitude of the girls were very sexy, especially Abbey Lee, exposing the mid part which seems to be the new proportion this season. There were many tube tops (which sounds funny when it is in a prada show), which were like scrunchies on the model (that we have previously seen in Prada before in S/S 2009 show). 
    Some of the proportions were frumpy (in the best sense of the word) and very milanese madame-esque in a way, with the knee length skirts and the slightly oversized coat in old wallpaper flower prints.(similar to those we seen at the fantastic mens show earlier this summer) This collection reminded me slightly of nannies, a milanese nanny in the sixties especially all the dresses with toy cars print. That juxtaposed with those very sexy, almost fetishistic shoes make it very interesting. And once again we will be seeing, editors, fashionistas, editor stalkers aka bloggers wearing them everywhere next summer!

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