Under the Sea at Marchesa

    This was Marchesa first walking/runway show. I've always thought what Georgina Chapman creates is so beautiful, they are couture-like, mainly focusing on evening wear. They are always delicate and feminine.
    This collection in particular, I find very inspiring because of the texture that was created by layering of tulle and the pleating of the fabrics. They were apparently inspired by Ernst Haeckel's illustrations of jellyfish and squids. Odd? Not really. And Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom by the russian painter, Ilya Repin. I am the biggest fan of Ernst Haeckel's illustrations, after being forced by my brother to buy his book: Art Forms in Nature, from the Met a couple of years ago. I would have become a marine biologist if I was smart enough.
    The dresses were in sea foams, beiges, off-whites, pale pinks, lilac. There were so many sequins, beads and feathers which were sewn onto the bodesses which are made of tulle. Everything seems to be symmetrical, the shapes that vaguely suggests the shape of sea plants and flowers grows onto the model's figure. These dresses suggest some kind of beautiful maiden/ sea creatures. I love everything about it. My first favourite Marchesa show, I usually find them too over the top but here they just look breath-taking. I find the inspiration, inspiring.

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