Egon Schiele Drawings

    During the weekend, I visit the Royal Academy of Arts in London and went to the "Treasures from Budapest: European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele" Exhibition. It was very interesting, full of figurative paintings of Bible stories and icon arts. I, however rush through it trying to look for Egon Schiele's drawing which was in the last room on the last wall just before the exit and there was only one piece... I know, so I spent about 15 minutes just starring at this watercolour painting which was suppose to portray "two women embracing."

    Egon Schiele was an Austrian Painter in the early 1910's. He is known mostly for his drawings of nudes and figures. He was an expressionist with a little influence of Art deco (he was the protégé of Klimt.)
    Lately, I have been very interested in his artwork and mood it portrays. It was maximalism, in terms of emotions. His work explores erotica and lust which was a taboo in the 1910. He pushed the limit and spend a short period of his life in prison when they found his supposedly "explicit" drawings.

    Out of all the artists I have looked at he is probably one of my favourite and I really admire his work, I feel that his work still reflects today and in someway they are very new, modern and forward. These images are taken from the book "Egon Schiele Drawings and Watercolours" which is an amazing book in terms of images as it include a very large portion of his work.Source URL:
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