White-Out In?

    It was a haze of white flowy fabric on the Spring/Summer 2011 runway. From Alexander Wang beautiful, relaxed interpretation to the very preppy of Paul Smith. When summer comes in mind, I always think of colours but to be completely honest, my wardrobe is full of pale/off-whites and whites. There are so many things that is very obvious from this season runway like bright orange and sheer fabrics: We have been seeing a lot of boobs and moobs [man-boobs:)].
    Alexander Wang show was inspired by "white-out." It is simple but still very slick and smart as always. The girls just look so polish surprisingly without any makeup. They have a very sporty feel to them which is what I like, the trousers almost look like tracksuits, the skin are very dewy and everything seem to be comfortable and practical but still chic.

    The play on the white shirt is fantastic and don't they just look so cool with the glossy red lips? Victor and Rolf is known for being over the top and their "white shirt" concept is a great representation of their aesthetics. Ironic that they made something so simple, probably the most simple into something extravagant. The sharp cuts, lines and layers very much remind me of a marriage between cubism and minimalism. Which I love (again.) Check out Georges Braque and you'll understand.

    Classic, classic, classic. Michael Kors is so classic and the clothes just look so comfortable, I love the ideas of light knitwears in the summer as I am always reaching for my cardigan. This is a great inspiration for people who loves the preppy, clean look. The combination of white, tan and pastelles is divine and you can't really go wrong.

    Paul Smith WOMEN show; I would wear everything they are wearing here, the wool trousers, the buttoned-up shirt, the glasses, the pleats. It stills maintains the preppy-ness but now they have a new attitude, a younger one for a matter of fact. It is almost a punk but the kind that are more put together.Like punk in a wedding.

    I like the clean-cut jackets with shorts but not so much the netting shirt (moobs alert). The sunglasses looks fun and perfect for summer. They just look really COOL. Thats all I can say. I need to check out General Idea, I have never seen them in person but they look great on the runway. They should get more attention!

    Not sure about the clinical nurse open-bellied shirt but the tan sandals looks fantastic with the white. The shirt at the bottom look interesting, maybe some layering could duplicate this effect. I think I will be shopping in COS soon looking for the perfect white shirt which I am dying for.And PS: I'll take an oversized white tees and a pair of skinny jeans to a deserted island and maybe some sandals.Source URL: http://naturalbellescloset.blogspot.com/2010/11/white-out-in.html
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