There were plenty to digest at the latest showing of Topshop Unique, while their last fall collection features bushy eyebrows and antlers. This season the designers at Topshop Unique were inspired by a certain type of canine: dalmatians perhaps?

    The collection features plenty of thick dalmatians fur coats (faux I hope) and high waisted trousers that seem to look so flattering on the models and little printed blouses with the collars. The clothes are wearable, young yet a little playful. I am always happy when I see a collection like this because it means that people can express fashion without having to break the bank.

    So I have broken up the collection into four sections(because I'm just crazy like that): The coats, the printed sweatshirts, anything with those cute collars and the pleated blouse, and long, wide trousers.

    Look at those sweater shirts with the pin striped suit jacket. APPLAUSE to the stylist!

    © by NYMAG
    Well, all and all, this was a pretty cute collection for Topshop Unique. Will you be lining up for these pieces for the next collection? I know some of my friends who have a soft spot for dogs will just die when they see this (F.a...s). What did you guys think about Topman Design, like it or not? Hopefully I'll look through the collection soon. I am departing to New York tomorrow and hopefully it's not too cold! I still try to post thing, I know that probably five people read my blog but...well.:)Source URL:
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