prada sandwich shoes

    © by Prada

    I know, I know, I know. I am finally ordering one of these. I have been wanting them since I saw them on the runway (while others said they were ugly and the daily mail even made it official). There is just something about them that I like, I makes brogues which kind of reminds me of old men more wearable for me.

    I want this one, the TABACCO, I've been trying to look for as many photos as possible as I won't be able to see them in real life. I am sure I want them now. To be be completely honest, as a person who loves minimalism, I never found Prada that appealing. Don't get me wrong, I love the runway shows, the presentations, the styling and the quirkiness of Mrs. Prada but always find their clothes too flashy(minimally flashy) and it screams PRADA which I absolutely hate. I mean talking about it now just give me a little flash of those hideous sneakers they do every season with the huge red stripe which engraves PRADA.
    But these shoes where almost love at first sight(or a crush), it will give me extra height and they will look smart without being too anal about looking smart.

    Hopefully I will like them when they arrive or else, I may just have to put them on a shelf and just look at them.

    I hate it when I like hyped or widely coveted item such as this because my judgement somehow becomes distorted. Every season there are a couple of items like this, this season's contenders include those colourful Prada fur stole/scarf and definitely the D&G white lace dress(cover of ALT's first french vogue).

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