Strand Young Boy, Gondeville, Charente, France 1951

    There are something so intriguing about these old photographs that I can't quite put my finger on. Browsing through the school library after a long day, I found this very old book "The Art of Photography" which actually sounds quite cheesy but it obviously wasn't.
    Anyway enough about the book, but these photographs inside, just look so raw, and I assume they use film as it was dated about 60-70 years ago. The most beautiful photographs I found were these one by an American photographer, Paul Strand who lived from 1890 to 1976. His photographs are photo-journalistic with real, raw feelings. I just fell in love with them and just couldn't stop looking at the expression on the boy's face and composition of the family in the second photos.

    Strand The Family, Luzzara, Italy 1953

    Strand Susan Thompson, Cape Split, Maine 1945

    Nadar The Son of Auguste Lefranc c. 1855-65

    All photos from The Art of Photography 1839-1989
    In art, I am focusing on expressionism and portraits, working in series, so this was perfect and these are just so inspiring.Source URL:
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