A greyhound at Trussardi Fall/Winter 2011

    I haven't been writing much lately, but it is only because I am so busy with school and art and other things, taking up all my time. I want to take photos but it seems impossible to do so with my schedule at the moment. Anyway, fashion week is coming and I am very excited, I'll be in London for sure and hopefully, we'll get to see many wonderful, inspiring, things.

    I love this by the way, the greyhound at Trussardi, the collection was good, but nothing that intrigued me too much, Prada however... The clothes seem to be pretty dark (opposite to the latest S/S collection) this season with some green and browns, the usually for winter, hopefully we will see something more exciting in Paris!!

    The models has really cute haircuts and these clothes remind me abit of the 70's(again) and also Greg from "everybody hates Chris". But I feel like Prada is going to set the standard again. I love these oversized coats and I'm sure we are going to see more of these sort of coat during the next few week. So let start the coat search, it is still cold outside.Source URL: http://naturalbellescloset.blogspot.com/2011/01/greyhound-at-trussardi-fallwinter-2011.html
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