things of scarf and bow tie...

    My sister bought me this from Japan. It is from Lanvin en Bleu which a line exclusive to Japan (just like Burberry Blue label and Blackbarrett by Neil Barrett) which targets younger audiences. The line focuses more on street and denim wear ranging from jeans, sneakers to outerwears. I haven't seen the line in person yet only on their online website which apparently displays a limited range. I was so excited when I heard about the line and was quite surprise as the line seems to be quite affordable and immediately called my sister who is currently studying in Tokyo to go check them out. Not to my surprise, the line is sold exclusively to Japan which is understandable and not (since japanese spend a huge section of their income on luxury goods.) My sister was really nice a bought me this necklace bow tie that is made of knitted wool. There is also a line for women which seem to have some very cute pearl hairbands and of course some very affordable statement jewellery. Very interesting and can't wait to check out more stuff in the future when I get to visit my sister.

    This shirt fits perfectly on me, it is like the perfect white shirt! I've been looking for one for a while, I started at Zara, then Uniqlo, then Prada and on... Anyway, I've found this one now which is perfect and the collar is removable. Thank you Mr. Ghesquire!!!

    This is not a fresh purchase and I've been wearing it for a while. I bought it a while back when I was in Paris with my mother (way back in September.) I was extremely cold and I saw this scarf and it took my breath away (just joking, I'm just being dramatic here,) It's a flowy, silky, satiny, navy scarf - a classic  Lanvin with geometric "L" prints which gave it a modern twist. To my friends surprise who always question how warm this scarf actually is, and I swear on my life that this scarf is very warm. It is a mixed fabric of silk, wool and cashmere. It is so light that it is hard to believe it is actually warm.Source URL:
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