Current Obsessions

    In my Current Obsessions, I will be talking about what I'm currently obsessed with or want. I am obsessed with lot of things all the time and it could be products, shoes, magazines, food, clothes, anything...
    I am obsessed with so many things at the moment and cannot wait for Exeat. I am dying to shop and these are just a couple of trends that I love.
    Chunky Knits: I love chunky knits and oversized sweater, they are beyond comfortable, and this season it is all about chunky/cable-linked 50/60's inspired knit (watch Mad Men as a reference: I am completely obsessed with that too.) I also like the ideas of layering parka and tank tops, I love layering in the winter, it adds dimension to the look. I am once again looking for more stripes, I find them so hypnotising and I'm sure I will keep buying stripe tees. Lastly, I am also into the asymmetric jacket, they are easy to wear and very versatile for many looks. Anybody have any ideas where I can find a good jacket?

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